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(The red stars indicate the Grameen Intel projects in Bangladesh)

Bangladesh is a country with a rich history in agricultural production. The beautiful sights of rice fields and yellow mustard fields for the traveler across the country sides are vital in providing the country with staple food.

A farmer’s land is the only income source of the farmer, and the soil nutrients are key to his success. There is often the misconception about economic development taking place whenever there is a decline in the growth of the agricultural sector and a growth in manufacturing sector. But for a country like Bangladesh, complimentary growth must exist, and the 2 sectors should grow together. Often the farmer’s in Bangladesh are having a poor yield in crop harvest, only because of their lack of access to adequate information regarding the use of basic inputs in farming. The goal of Project Harvest is to address this issue by providing fertilizer recommendations using ‘mrittikā’ a software introduced by Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd (GISB).

Based on soil tests of a farmer’s land, mrittikā will provide recommendations on the different blends of fertilizers a farmer should use in their land based on the type of crop, the level of land, irrigation cycles and various other parameters.

A comparative result of mrittikā application and production result is as follows:

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