Code for Good

Code of Good is a programming contest held at universities. It is typically a day-long session where computer science students work in small teams to develop a software concept and prototype to solve a real world problem.

The context behind the project is to develop applications and/or prototypes that a social business or non-profits can put to use. This initiative Increases the portfolio of applications targeted to solve social problems.

Computer Science departments in universities working with Intel Corp and Grameen Intel Ltd. will arrange the programming contest. Students will form teams of 3-5 members will identify a social problem to address, brainstorm a software concept and develop the prototype.

At the end of the working sessions, each of the team will present their ideas and a panel of judges identifies the top 3 winners.

The students get their software ideas out in the real world where it can make a difference.

If your university is interested to host a Code for Good event, please send us an email at

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