shumātā is an ante-natal care monitoring and tracking software for pregnant women. Mobile health workers, doctors at rural clinics and health administrators can use this software to identify high risk pregnancies early on for appropriate follow up and to ensure that pregnant mothers are getting regular ante-natal care.
Mobile healthcare workers equipped with smartphones visit the homes of pregnant women, and using simple software tools screen them for a variety of potential high risk factors, such as young age, length of time since their last medical check-up, number of past pregnancies, C-sections and stillbirths, etc. The information collected is sent over the Internet to clinics for analysis, and doctors can provide immediate remote feedback. Pregnant women who are identified as high risk are referred for follow-up diagnosis or treatment, including ongoing prenatal care at a village clinic or referrals to specialized healthcare providers at larger medical facilities

Features of shumātā (ante-natal solutions) include:

  • Registrations, early identification of high risk pregnancies, follow up actions

  • Monitoring ante-natal care, follow up and clinic visits of pregnant mothers

  • Monitoring the performance of rural clinic doctors and health workers

  • High risk factors tracking for resource and inventory allocation

  • Aggregating data for customized training, education and treatment plan

A major issue in developing countries is the tendency of women to depend on household remedies, advice and unskilled healthcare personnel during their pregnancy. Women are still reluctant to visit healthcare clinics, seek help from a doctor for handling major risk factors such as bleeding, diabetes, hepatitis B during their pregnancy.

shumatā is a pregnancy tracking solution that helps connect the patient to a field level doctor, who will instruct her, regarding the lifestyle she should maintain, the type of diet she should maintain as well as the different pharmaceutical supplements she should consume during her pregnancy.

Shumatā has been deployed in the field level in Manikganj, Bangladesh with Grameen Kalyan’s health clinics located in Balia, Pakutia and Kusura. Over 1000 women have benefited from the solution, since its inception in 2010.

shumātā has also been deployed in Netrokona, Bangladesh with Development Research Network (D.Net) in 2012. Over 350 women in the region are connected with a field level doctor and receiving recommendations from time to time during their pregnancy.

What is the hardware requirement?


What’s the price?


How and who do I order it from?

Send an email to with the contact information. You will be contacted either by e-mail or phone.

Does shumātā need internet access? 

Yes. Yes.  It is a browser based software that can be accessed from most internet enabled devices.

What kind of post purchase support do you offer?

In order to minimize our product costs we will provide support through email and/or community based online forums.
Email or skype based support is available for initial installation and limited training.


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