Grameen Intel Offers Solutions for Agro & Healthcare

September 16, 2012

Grameen Intel Social Business is developing two more products in agriculture and healthcare, riding on their success of two solutions currently in use, officials said yesterday.

John E Davies, vice president of Intel World Ahead Programme, said Grameen Intel is currently developing Ankur, a seed selection and recommendation application, to help farmers with better seed selection capacity to achieve increased productivity.

The social business venture is also developing Dolna, a vaccine scheduling and tracking software for newborns and infants.

Davies was speaking at the opening of the office of Grameen Intel in the capital.

Since its operations began in 2009, more than 100 farmers were served with Mrittika, a software solution.

Mrittika is a soil nutrient analysis and recommendation software solution used to analyse the results of recommended fertiliser to the farmers for achieving cost-effective and optimum productivity.

As part of the pilot case, about 100 farmers are using the application in Kushtia, Bogra, Netrokona and Mymensingh.

Besides, more than 500 women were served with Shumata (a pregnancy tracking software solution) in Netrokona and Manikganj in 2012 alone.

Grameen Intel has developed the Shumata solution in the field-level in Manikganj with Grameen Kalyan and in Netrokona with Development Research Network.

While talking to reporters, Davies said he is pleased at the progress the projects have made so far. “It is beautiful to see that the results have impacted the lives of the people.”

“People have already realised that technology can make a difference,” he said. “There are a lot of problems that technology can solve.”

He said the programmes in Bangladesh are in line with the Millennium Development Goals, which can be addressed with technological applications at affordable prices.

Kazi I Huque, chief executive of the venture, said their effort is to develop solutions that are relevant to the community whether it is in health, agriculture and education sectors.

Narayan Sundararajan, chief technology officer of the firm, said they are now working to increase the number of customers and developing multiple solutions.

Srinivas Garudachar, director (business development) of Grameen Intel, said their venture is trying to solve problems so that social benefits can be delivered in a sustainable way.

On social business, Davies said they have realised that this type of initiative makes difference in the lives of the people.

Grameen Intel was created in 2009 by Grameen Trust and Intel, linking an organisation with decades of experience in addressing poverty to a company with decades of know-how in technology innovation.


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