Global Social Business Summit in Vienna Comes to a Close

November 12, 2012

The Global Social Business Summit came to a close Friday night, amid calls for European leaders to get out of their box and create a union that is not devoted to Europe alone and that can solve the world’s problems.

“A temporary solution is no solution. We need a fundamental solution,” Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus said in his speech to the cheering audience at Austria Centre in Vienna.

His call comes as European governments are busy trying to prop up their foundering economic systems that left millions of people, especially the youth, out of jobs.

“When you have created the European Union, you have continued to create a box of your own. You follow the same rules, the same logic and the same structure,” Yunus said, urging the European leaders to break open the ‘box’.

“We [people] are capable of designing a new one, devoted to a long-term solution. This is our immediate need.”

“We are not in the twentieth century anymore; we are way beyond that. We must bring a new conceptual framework to solve the problems,” Yunus said.

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