We are a Social Business Information Technology company formed as a joint collaboration between Intel Corporation and Grameen Trust.  We provide IT solutions for rural entrepreneurs who provide a service using computing technology in their local communities.

What does Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. do?

We create software applications that address specific social problems such as low agriculture output or lack of pre-natal care. Our solutions are developed within the company and can be coupled with a compact lightweight computing device.

Where is Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. located?

The main head office is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our Team members are also located in the USA and India.

What is a Social Business?

A non-loss, non-dividend company designed to address one or more social objectives.

How did Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. start?

During a visit to Bangladesh in 2007, then-Intel Chairman Craig Barrett met with Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus. They decided on creating a social business whose sole focus is using technology in creative ways to help the world’s impoverished population to find an avenue to a better life and livelihood.

Who owns Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd.?

Intel Capital and Grameen Trust are the two organisations who have invested to create Grameen Intel Social Business. They are the shareholders of the company.



Technology solutions to connect and improve people’s lives around the world.


Solving social problems with information technology at affordable prices.

Develop software that run on a low cost computing device.

Solutions for a network of entrepreneurs providing agriculture or healthcare related services.

Strategy for connecting the unconnected population segment with information service.



2008: C. Barrett and Dr. Md. Yunus announcement of creating a social business along with Intel and Grameen. MOU signed

2009: Shareholder negotiations, Company registered in Bangladesh Initial product prototypes

2010: Shareholder agreements signed, Govt and local regulatory approvals obtained, Field pilot in India, Bangladesh

2011:  First employees in Bangladesh, Temporary office,  First eAgro product launched